The Top 10 Reasons to Hire DUI Attorney Steven Taxman

  1. We love what we do.  And, we do it here, all day every day.  Santa Rosa DUI attorney Steven Taxman is passionate about DUI defense.  Our satisfied clients are our best source of referrals.  
  2. We provide our clients with the individualized care and personal attention they deserve.  We carefully listen to our clients and study each report to find legal technicalities to help win your case.  Santa Rosa DUI attorney Steven Taxman consistently finds instances when officers make crucial mistakes by failing to dot their i’s and cross their t’s. And, unlike some attorneys, we don’t just sit in our office; but we take our clients out to investigate the scene of their DUI arrests so that we are able to understand their cases better. 
  3. We check to see whether an investigator, police practices expert or forensic toxicologist can help our clients obtain the best possible results.  For example, sometimes there are witnesses who know that one of our clients wasn’t even driving, but was charged with a DUI anyways.  A licensed investigator can help track down favorable witnesses to help you win your case. A police practices expert can exploit the arresting officer’s improper conduct and contradict the methods that were used to arrest you.  Santa Rosa DUI attorney Steven Taxman relies on expert testimony to develop his clients’ defenses to obtain the best possible resolution.  A forensic toxicologist can help challenge the integrity of the chemical testing methods and help a jury understand the deficiencies of the chemical test results.     
  4. We handle every aspect of our clients’ cases so they don’t’ have to.  We explain the process and review their potential defenses at the initial office consultation.  And, we contact the DMV them as soon as we are hired to set up a hearing, so that our clients can continue to drive.  
  5. We also handle our clients’ DMV hearings and fight to keep their driver’s licenses. We obtain their police reports from the DMV as soon as we can, to develop their defenses for their criminal cases, which always allows us to stay one step ahead of the government in their efforts to prosecute our clients.      
  6. Judge banging gavel in court hearingOur clients will likely never have to step foot in the courtroom, we do all the work for them.  We take all of the guesswork out of explaining their case to a judge and characterize their cases in the best possible light.     
  7. We file motions to exclude the results of our clients’ breath and blood test results.  In almost every case, Santa Rosa DUI attorney Steven Taxman, finds that the police have violated his clients’ constitutional rights, leading to the exclusion of the chemical test results.  The exclusion of breath and blood test results weakens the prosecution’s case and results in a very favorable outcome for our satisfied clients.    
  8. We get some of the best results in Sonoma County and throughout all of Northern California.
  9. We just don’t accept any offer from the government to settle our clients’ cases because we are here to win.  Our clients are presumed innocent and we always have their back.   
  10. We are always accessible to our clients and here for them 24/7, when there is a question, we have an answer.  

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