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Drug Charges

With over 20 years of experience, Steven Taxman provides proactive defense solutions for clients facing serious drug charges including sale, manufacture, and transport of narcotics. By questioning police procedure and suppressing evidence, we have helped many clients avoid the severe consequences of a felony conviction.

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Possession or Use of a Dangerous Drug

New California laws have reclassified most drug possession as misdemeanor offenses, but prior criminal charges can result in more severe penalties. We can help get charges dismissed to keep your record clean, and reduce previous felony convictions.

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DUI Defense

Steven Taxman is a top Northern California DUI lawyer, with a reputation for aggressive defense tactics that bring outstanding results. We protect clients from harsh penalties by successfully challenging chemical testing and police protocol. We are able to achieve complete dismissal or reduced penalties in many cases.

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Driving with a Suspended License

The potential penalties can be steep if you are caught driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license. We can help you avoid a conviction that requires heavy fines, mandatory jail time, and a three year installation of an ignition interlock device.

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Traffic Violations

California traffic violation penalties are among the strictest in the country. Long-term expenses for a speeding or reckless driving citation can be especially devastating for commercial drivers. We can help you dispute traffic violations and also help with more serious charges, such as misdemeanor or felony hit and run.

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Assault/Violent Crimes

In 20 years of practicing criminal law, Steven Taxman has helped clients accused of all types of assault and violent crimes. We can use many proven strategies to challenge the prosecution's evidence, and we have an outstanding record of dismissed cases and not-guilty verdicts. 

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence allegations can be devastating, impacting your future and that of your children. Often, the charges are tied to contentious family law cases, and prove to be entirely unfounded. Steven Taxman will plan an aggressive defense to exonerate you from these types of allegations

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Child Pornography

Even an allegation involving child pornography can bring negative repercussions, and this charge has ruined the lives of many innocent people. Our firm works aggressively from a presumption of innocence to protect your rights, defend your reputation, and restore your good name.

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Public Intoxication

You can be charged with public intoxication if a police officer believes you to be impaired and a danger to yourself or others. We fight these charges with effective strategies that question the evidence and the procedures used by law enforcement officials.  

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DMV Hearings

An experienced DUI attorney who understands timely coordination and how to defend their client in court is crucial during a DMV hearing. Steven Taxman can help you present your case to the DMV in order to avoid or overturn a license suspension.

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